Cocoa Mistletoe book

Cocoa Mistletoe

A Christmas story celebrating the gift of giving.

Cocoa Mistletoe is a charmingly illustrated family picture book that will have you and your loved ones feeling the Christmas spirit. Cocoa loves nothing more than the joys of the season; from giving gifts and decorating to making toys and presents for her friends and family. Follow Cocoa as she learns the true meaning of holiday cheer and explores the gift of giving from the heart. 

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“Cocoa discovers that magically creating and delivering gifts is not the only great way to spread the holiday spirit.”

-Alex Ndirangu

“While receiving gifts is fine, Ciara teaches that the real spirit of Christmas is seen in giving. That giving includes giving of your time. In a self-centered society, reading a book about the joy of sharing with others is refreshing.”

-Philip Van Heusen

“The world that Ciara L. Hill has created is rooted in magic and wonder.”

-Liz Konkel